february 29 2008

february 27 2008 4:00pm
global payments inc
35-70mm @ 44mm
1/20 sec, f/4 iso 200

As I was heading into their headquarters, I saw this neon logo in their lobby. Nice.
Upstairs in the board room, I balanced the window light on the wall signage with the Lumedyne, and made the safety shot:

35-70 Nikon AF-D @ 42mm (in 35mm film)
1/30 sec, f/4, WB Sunny
that's window light on the metal logo,
and my Lumedyne for the main

Global Pay CEO Paul Garcia was then willing to make the trip for another portrait in front of that neon logo in the lobby. I went ahead with his assistant, nailed down the white balance, gel'd a grid and made what would be the heavily cropped cover shot of a magazine you'll probably never see.
Total time on location was less than 75 minutes, and Paul's time in front of the camera was under 12.


february 23 2008

february 22, 2008 7:48pm
Ponce de Leon, Atlanta Ga.

This was outside my car window as I waited for the traffic light at Oakdale and Ponce de Leon.

50mm 3 sec f 8 iso 100 WB 4200k


february 20 2008

february 19 2008 7:00pm
Hill Street, Decatur Ga.
Walking Bailey at sunset on Hill Street in Decatur,
These Crepe Myrtles seemed so gestural. Nice palette, too.

50mm 1/50th f3.5 iso 100 WB Custom


february 18 2008

february 15 2008 6:30pm
studio window light, L5P

I ripped that portrait of Norah Jones out of the NYT

24mm Nikkor AF-D 1/5th sec @ f5 iso 100 WB Sunny

february 17 2008

december 31 2007 7:00pm
Inlet Beach, Florida, USA

New Years Eve 2007 Inlet Beach Dune Preserve Florida
Yeah, it's really this beautiful there.
See more about where we stayed. You should book a week. Take some friends.

- 17-55 @ 17mm 1/13 f7.1 iso 100 WB Sunny minus 3 -


february 15 2008

archive image - july 20 2007 5:05pm
L5P Community Center Upstairs Sink

I kept hanging around the Community Center in Little Five Points, hoping a studio would open up. It did.

- 50mm 1/60th f4.8 iso 100 WB Custom -


february 13 2008

february 13 2008 7:10pm
timex cat

Emily & Sam's cat (what... one of five?) transfixed by Timex

24mm 1/50th f2.8 iso 400 WB Incandescent

february 12 2008

february 6 2008 6:45 pm

Payin da bills (thanks, Emily)

24mm 1/200th f22 iso 100 WB Custom
Dynalite, Lumedyne and lots of other stuff


february 10 208

february 6 - 2008 - 9:15pm
APG Pushpin Show

Described by this subject as a "passport to eterntity" photo.
Steve is a performance artist of premier talent who understands the value of critical distance when considering creative endeavors.
Some people just get it.

35-70 Nikon f2.8 AF-D @ 52mm 1/100th f4.5 iso 100 WB Sunny -3
2 seconds apart at the APG Pushpin Show


frebruary 8 2008

february - 8 - 2008 11:15 and 11:00 pm
APG Pushpin Show

The Atlanta Photography Group has a Push Pin Show every year around Valentines Day.
On opening nights, I've been making portraits like these on and off since 1987.

They used to be made with my Polaroid 600SE and Type 665 pos/neg film. The discontinuance of that fine film significantly marks the end of an era. The fleeting nature of it's positive and the stability of the properly treated negative brought a Dorian Grey like quality to portraits from that time.
Now I use little HP 300 series printers that use the very stable Vivera inks. Color. Nothing stays the same and yet, nothing really changes.

35-70 f2.8 AF-D @ 52mm 1/100th f6.3 iso 100 WB Custom
Lumedyne in a Westcott 36in Strip light


february 7 2008

february 7 - 2008 - 10:43am
sun in my belly, kirkwood

Having breakfast at Sun In My Belly with the Oracle At WiFi,
this woman was reading the NYT at the next table.

50mm 1/15th f3.5 iso 100 WB Custom

february 6 2008

february 6 - 2008 - 1:55pm
Java Lords, L5P

The almost lost art of letter writing lives on...
This was (for me) a palette study
I am not responsible for wardrobe.

50mm 1/10 f 1.8 iso 400 WB Incandescent


february 5 2008

February 5 - 2008 - 7:05pm

Walking Bailey at twilight, a street light put a nice glow on a wet parking lot at Agnes Scott.
The evening blue sky makes these street lights seem rosie.

50mm 1/50 sec f 4.5 iso 200 WB Sunny


february 3 2008

february 3 - 2008 - 6:10pm
studio still life

These Mimosa Seeds had been drying in my studio for years. Through my current re-infatuation with window light still life, they finally came to rest on this glass that had been aging in my backyard. They both have a patina that cannot be manufactured.

- 50mm 3 sec f11 iso 100 WB Custom -